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Didere: Admin Interface

Welcome to Didere!

Didere is a blog software, which also can be used as an easy content managament system for webpages. It is lightweight and simple to use. The name "Didere" is latin (so the first "e" is to accentuate: "dideːre"), and can be translated with "to bandy".

Of course this website itself is driven by Didere!


Target Group

Users who want an easy blog or a less complex website. If you want to set up a webshop, don't use it. If you need a hugh page navigation with hundreds of (sub-)pages, don't use it. If you need separated editor accounts for a whole team, don't use it. If you need a multilingual or multisite webpage, don't use it.


Beside all you can see on this page:

  • blog & web cms (blog can be disabled)
  • page editing via webbrowser (included "rich text editor")
  • preview modus for blog articles
  • up to two navigation bars (main & footer) with a submenu
  • builtin statistic
  • multilingual admin interface (at the moment: english & german)
  • template driven
  • many blogs and websites can share a single database
  • secure


Note that those "limitations" are on purpose – there are no limitation on the realization skills.

  • not designed for a editor team
  • no multilingual or multisite backend
  • just 2 level menus